July 16, 2024

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The Cheapest Bearbrick Sorayama

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The Cheapest Bearbrick Sorayama

This is our first Bearbrick story and don’t worry there will be more to come. What is the cheapest Bearbrick Sorayama?

cheapest bearbrick sorayama

You could be thinking it might cost a lot but actually the cheapest Bearbrick Sorayama is the Bearbrick Series 42 Sorayama Shadow Moon from Kamen Rider Series.

Hajime Sorayama is a master of the “chromed erotic” art movement. His work features sleek, chrome-like surfaces often contrasted with beautiful women in suggestive poses. The Bearbrick Series 42 Sorayama Shadow Moon takes inspiration from this style. The entire figure boasts a chrome finish, reflecting light and capturing Sorayama’s signature aesthetic.

bearbrick hajime sorayama kamen rider

Even though this is the Bearbrick Sorayama Shadow Moon 100%, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and details.

bearbrick hajime sorayama

The chrome body and the details of the lines on the Bearbrick is absolutely beauty. This is one of the few Bearbrick 100% that we love most.

bearbrick hajime sorayama shadow moon

Shadow Moon, the arch-nemesis of Kamen Rider Black, adds another layer of intrigue to this figure. Sorayama’s chrome aesthetic perfectly complements Shadow Moon’s villainous aura. The dark color scheme and menacing details from the original character design translate seamlessly onto the Bearbrick format.

There are quite a number of people still selling the Bearbrick Sorayama Shadow Moon from Series 42, you still can get it before it is sold out at: https://shope.ee/3KqP8TG59m

The Bearbrick Series 42 Sorayama Shadow Moon is more than just a figure; it’s a conversation starter. It’s a testament to the creative power of collaboration and the enduring appeal of classic characters reimagined through a modern artistic lens. If you’re looking for a unique collectible that blends pop culture nostalgia with artistic innovation, then the Bearbrick Series 42 Sorayama Shadow Moon is definitely worth the hunt.

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