July 16, 2024

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Bearbrick Ultraman 100% Series 44 Hero Secret

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Bearbrick Ultraman 100% Series 44 Hero Secret

The world of Bearbricks offers a treasure trove of unique figures for collectors to unearth, and the Bearbrick Ultraman 100% Series 44 Hero Secret is no exception. This elusive figure injects a dose of excitement and intrigue into the Bearbrick collecting experience.

This is from the latest Bearbrick Series 44 and the ‘Secret’ Bearbrick hero. This is Bearbrick Ultraman 100% and probably the best from Series 44.

bearbrick ultraman

Bearbrick’s Series 44 incorporates a concept known as “secret figures.” These hidden gems are not explicitly revealed beforehand, adding an element of surprise and anticipation for collectors. The Ultraman 100% Hero Secret is one such figure, veiled in mystery within the Series 44 Hero Ultraman line.

This is reference to the first Ultraman and not to the new ones. It is missing the ‘heart beat’ and having the extra ears (we don’t mind that).

There are a couple of Bearbrick Ultraman in the past (400% and 100%) but this is the latest Bearbrick Ultraman 100% Series 44 Hero Secret.

bearbrick ultraman back

We love the details, the lines and this is pretty shiny and reflective. If you are a big fan of Ultraman, time to get this!

bearbrick ultraman 100%

You still can get this Bearbrick Ultraman 100% Series 44 Hero Secret from many Bearbrick resellers out there. I believe this is the right one to get if you are a huge fan of Ultraman.

The Bearbrick Ultraman 100% Series 44 Hero Secret is a fantastic addition for any Ultraman fan or Bearbrick enthusiast. The chance to unveil a unique Ultraman design and the thrill of the hunt make it a desirable addition to any collection. Whether you choose to embrace the blind box challenge or seek it out individually, the Bearbrick Ultraman 100% Series 44 Hero Secret promises a rewarding experience for determined collectors.

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