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BraveStarr Marshall Filmation

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BraveStarr Marshall Filmation

I got this Filmation BraveStarr Marshall with Vest from a huge vintage lot more than 10 years ago. Most of the toys are Toybiz toys and I didn’t know much about Mattel Bravestarr Marshall.

bravestarr marshall

Debuting in 1988, BraveStarr offered a unique blend of sci-fi action and Western themes. The show takes place on the futuristic frontier of New Texas, a lawless territory plagued by outlaw cyborgs, renegade aliens, and greedy corporations. In this rough and tumble environment, Marshal Bravestarr stands as a beacon of justice.

BraveStarr is a space Western animated series with 65 episodes from 1987 to 1988. The main hero is Marshall who is the galactic marshal of New Texas.

BraveStarr is under Filmation and they also produces He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe.

BraveStarr Marshall is 8 inch tall and the complete set comes with the hat and the vest.

bravestarr marshall filmation

Bravestarr is no ordinary lawman. A genetically engineered being, Bravestarr possesses superhuman strength, agility, and the ability to communicate with animals. His trusty steed, Thirty/Thirty, is a cybernetic horse capable of transforming into a powerful battle charger. Together, they are a formidable force for good in the lawless expanse of New Texas.

As you can see, there is a trademark of 1985 Filmation at the back and this means the toy is around 38 years old and it is in good condition.

There are not much articulation of the arms and legs but the figure still looks good for its age. The colour didn’t fade off too.

The one I had only comes with the vest and I sold it earlier this year to a collector from East Malaysia.

bravestarr marshall filmation vintage

This is just another sharing post of the toys I have/had so you have more information on it. BraveStarr may not be as widely recognized as some of its contemporaries, but it holds a special place in the hearts of many animation enthusiasts. The series offered a unique world, engaging characters, and a positive message, making it a true gem of 1980s animation.

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