July 16, 2024

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Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut Review

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Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut Review

Calling all space enthusiasts and Bearbrick collectors! The out-of-this-world collaboration between Medicom Toy and NASA for the Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut set is a must-have for any collection. But before you blast off to pre-order one, let’s take a closer look at this unique figure.

This is the 60th Anniversary of Project Mercury and this is the Bearbrick Mercury Astronaut 400% & 100% Review. This is just recently released and there are still many resellers are selling this.

Since this is the latest release from Medicom Japan, Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut 400% & 100% comes with the latest ‘bar code’ that can be detected using the app.

bearbrick project mercury astronaut review

The Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut comes in two sizes: a standard 100% and a larger 400%. Both figures capture the iconic design of the Project Mercury spacesuit in meticulous detail. The white suit with black accents is faithfully recreated, along with the NASA insignia and mission patches.

For space exploration aficionados, the attention to detail is truly impressive. From the textured surface of the suit to the tiny straps and buckles, this Bearbrick feels like a

Do watch the video so you can see the entire unboxing as well as the review of the figure. Remember to subscribe to our new Youtube Channel too!

What we like about this Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut is the transparent helmet and the details of the bearbrick.

The ‘helmet’ is pretty cool as well as the body suit. The Nasa logo makes it super cool as well as the color and the lines.

bearbrick project mercury astronaut

This Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut makes it a great piece for putting it in the office or at home as this looks super cool.

If you are planning to get the Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut, I believe this is worth it especially on its design, colour and details.

bearbrick project mercury astronaut 100%

The Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut is a fantastic collaboration that celebrates the dawn of human spaceflight. With its meticulous detailing, high-quality build, and unique design, this figure is sure to become a collector’s favorite. Whether you choose the 100% or 400% size, this Bearbrick is a stellar addition to any collection.

This is a recent released Bearbrick and hence it is still available in the market right now. If you are a big fan of NASA or astronaut, you should get this Bearbrick Project Mercury Astronaut.

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