July 16, 2024

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Galaxy Express 999 Train in Kobe

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Galaxy Express 999 Train in Kobe

The Galaxy Express 999, a cornerstone of anime space opera, has captured imaginations for decades. This interstellar locomotive whisks passengers across the cosmos, promising a chance to attain eternal life through a mechanical body. But for fans wondering about its earthly connections, a question arises: Does the 999 make a stop in Kobe, Japan?

galaxy express 999 Kobe D511072

The answer is YES!

Kobe, a bustling Japanese metropolis, isn’t exactly known for its historical locomotives. But nestled amidst the city’s modern marvels lies a fascinating piece of engineering history: the D51-1072 steam engine. Somehow, they tribute the D51-1072 steam engine train to Galaxy Express 999 or Ginga Tetsudō 999.

galaxy express 999 van comparison

The exact location is a small corner in between Motomachi Station and Kobe JR Station. The exact location is as below. I spotted the train while taking the walk from Motomachin Station to KOBE JR Station and taking photos / videos in between.

galaxy express 999 Kobe D511072

From far I spotted the D51-1072 steam engine and while I walked nearer, I spotted the Galaxy Express 999 tribute plague. What a find!

galaxy express 999 D511072

The Galaxy Express 999 exists solely within the realm of the anime and manga series. It departs from Earth, but the specific location isn’t explicitly mentioned. While the series features various planets and stations, there’s no concrete evidence of a Kobe stop.

galaxy express 999 real life

The Galaxy Express 999 might be a fictional marvel, but it speaks to our yearning for exploration and the unknown. Whether it departs from Kobe or another locale, the 999 serves as a reminder that the journey itself holds the greatest treasures.

galaxy express 999 kobe places and foods

So, dream on, space cowboys! And if you ever find yourself in Kobe, remember, the real adventure might just be waiting around the corner.

Galaxy Express 999 Train Kobe

Address:Japan, 〒650-0025 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo Ward, Aioicho, 2 Chome−1 神戸駅東高架下

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