July 16, 2024

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Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 Review

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Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 Review

For those who knows me long enough, I have a huge collection of toys and I have a room dedicated for it. My recent toys collections are Bearbricks and I started from last year. The latest Bearbrick I have is the Ironman Mark 50 and time for a review.

bearbrick ironman mark 50 400% simplytoystv

I am not a Bearbrick expert, just a collector. The main reason I got this Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 as my boys were teasing me saying my Bearbrick collections are not that exclusive as I never have Ironman.

This prompt me to get the latest Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 which is also the Medicom Exhibition 2022 Exclusive Bearbrick. Due to the lack of demand, the prices of Bearbrick has dropped tremendously compared to last year due to over supply in Malaysia. I will talk about it one day as let’s focus on the Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50.

bearbrick ironman mark 50 set simplytoystv

I will be reviewing the Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 (400% +100%) as I don’t have the space and budget for 1000%. You can watch the video if you are lazy to read.

Let’s start with the box. It is a black box with Marvel Studios Infinity Saga logo. The white dots are not dirt but the ‘stars’ as the background is the outer space.

There is the ‘Avengers’ logo on the bottom right of the box on each side and as usual the information including the hologram is at the bottom of the box.

Once you open the box, you will see the booklet of authenticity. This is due to many fake copies of Bearbrick out there especially the popular ones. There is a new tag that can be verified using the HiddenTag app. The tag is located at the bottom of the Bearbrick.

Most of the issue is the manufacturer defect. At a glance, the Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 seems perfect but under the light, I can see some flaws from the photos. These are minimal defects than is unseen with naked eyes.

The joints are tight and this is really a good buy. In terms of colours, this is one of my favourite Bearbricks that I have in my collection. Now, I understand why Bearbrick Ironman series are so collectable.

bearbrick ironman mark 50 back simplytoystv

I will be showcasing more Bearbricks including the old ones and unpopular ones. Since I don’t have the older Bearbrick Ironman, I can’t really compare so please do forgive me.

Whether you’re a die-hard Iron Man fan or simply appreciate pop culture mashups, the Bearbrick Iron Man Mark 50 is a fantastic collectible. With its adorable design, high display value, and connection to a beloved superhero, this Bearbrick is sure to be a treasured part of any collection.

I hope you like this Bearbrick Ironman Mark 50 Review. This is my first Bearbrick review and thanks for reading.

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