May 18, 2024

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TIK-TOK Your Way to Langkawi with #LANGKAWIBESTWEY

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In the mood to start the year right and win some exciting
prizes? Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) is here with an exciting competition for
travellers visiting the 99 Magical Islands in the Sun.
What’s not to love about this perfect tropical holiday spot? Shimmering waters, amazing
beaches, mysterious forests, exotic flavours and super-friendly locals, it is truly Langkawi
Best Wey! And now, even the memories you create on this beautiful island can help you win
big too.

LADA Tik-Tok Challenge

Beginning 15 December 2022, those visiting Langkawi are challenged to upload a Tik-Tok
video encapsulating their best experience in Langkawi with the hashtag #LangkawiBestWey.
Users are required to highlight two different aspects of Langkawi in this video (e.g. local
food scene, pristine beaches, hidden cafes, adventure activities, etc). The video can be
uploaded on any social media page, including Facebook, Instagram or Tik-Tok. In order to be
eligible, contestants will need to tag the relevant Naturally Langkawi page. Upon the closing
date of this competition on 15 February 2023, a total of 20 winners will be selected to win a
range of cool irresistible prizes that will leave you with the urge of returning to this beautiful
island once more.

Commenting on this limited-time only contest, LADA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said, “We
appreciate all the tourists for visiting our adored island and choosing Langkawi as their
holiday destination of choice. In an attempt to thank them, we have decided to run this
contest and provide these tourists with an opportunity to use the memories they have
created on the island to win big.”

He added, “In this digital age, travellers love to document their travels through their
smartphones. In order to keep up with the modern day trends, we have decided to leverage
on this and award those most creative with their captures. We will filter through every
submission and ensure that we reward those who are able to capture Langkawi in the most
beautiful way possible.”

Langkawi is loaded with breath-taking experiences and there is just so much to do. Given
that, travellers will have opportune chances to create an exciting video of their travels.
Winners will be chosen based on their skills and creativity in shooting, editing and finessing
the video. Judging will be entirely based on the creativity and quality of the video with
participants allowed to submit as many videos as they like. However, all videos submitted
will have to be tasteful and not offend any religious, racial, national, ethical, moral
standards and sensibilities. Offensive language and nudity are also not permitted. Any
content featuring any of the above will be automatically rejected.

For those that are eager to know about the prizes, the grand prize winner of the contest will
walk away with 2 Sky Cab Langkawi tickets, a 3D2N stay at Tanjung Rhu Resort inclusive of
breakfast, 2 tickets to the Langkawi Sunset Party Cruise, 2 tickets to Splash Out Langkawi as
well as a Langkawi 99 Magical Islands Jacket and LangkawiBestWey T-Shirt. Fret not if you
don’t win the grand prize as up to 20 winners will be selected to win a variety of other
amazing prizes. For more information regarding the prizes, you may click on this link.
For tourists seeking the ultimate tropical escape, Langkawi has to be the standout option,
and even more so now with the #LangkawiBestWey competition. Already an enticing
holiday destination, Langkawi’s allure just got that little bit bigger with this contest. What
are you waiting for? Tik-tok, time is running out.

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