June 12, 2024

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Get the new Astro Fibre App for Efficient and Easy WiFi Control

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Get the new Astro Fibre App for Efficient and Easy WiFi Control

Astro Fibre strengthens its offering with an all-new Astro Fibre
app that gives its customers the power to fully control, monitor and secure their home network.
When bundled with Astro’s specially curated TV Packs, customers will also be able to access popular
streaming apps including Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO GO, beIN SPORTS CONNECT and BBC Player.
It cannot be denied that in today’s world, much of our day-to-day lives are centred around the
internet. From doing e-commerce and playing online games to contacting our loved ones and
streaming movies, WiFi makes the world go round and it certainly isn’t going anywhere. The million-
dollar question is: How do you choose which broadband plan to take up? With so many players in
the game, which internet service provider (ISP) can offer you the most bang for your buck? Here’s
how Malaysia’s latest ISP can give you not only more savings, but also convenience and the most
comprehensive WiFi experience.


With the latest WiFi 6 router to ensure the highest performance, Astro Fibre provides various speed
plans from 50 Mbps for only RM99/month to 800 Mbps for RM249/month so you have the option
to curate your own entertainment bundle.

Astro Fibre app KV

In addition to great value and content, Astro Fibre’s latest innovation now includes the Astro Fibre
app which enhances your WiFi experience at home with these three main features:

1) Control Access to Your WiFi Network

Ever wondered who or how many devices are connected to your WiFi? With this app, not only will
this question be answered, but you will also be able to control every user’s usage by terminating
access anytime or scheduling when each device or family member can access the internet. Now, rest
assured that your kids won’t be scrolling through TikTok past their bedtimes or chatting with their
friends when they should be studying for next week’s exam.

2) Sharing WiFi with Guests Has Never Been Easier

Sharing your WiFi network with guests has always been a bit of a hassle. It’s tiring, especially when
you have a bunch of them coming over during the festive season. But now you can put this issue to
bed because the Astro Fibre app allows you to seamlessly share your Guest WiFi with an in-app QR
code – just flash it and you’re done. You even have the option to share your WiFi password via other
apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger. In addition to the convenience of the QR code, this
feature also ensures better security of your WiFi network as you no longer need to share your
password with your guests.

3) Spot Network Problems in an Instant

The app places information on your network performance such as connection speeds, network
strength on connected devices and WiFi network setup all into a single screen. This means that you
can easily check up on your internet performance in real time to ensure it always stays consistent,
fast and stable. Be in the know and smarter in understanding and managing your WiFi at home!

Astro Fibre app KV 2

For the best value, add on a TV Pack to your Astro Fibre subscription for an all-in-one entertainment
package and exclusive bundle rebates. Astro’s TV Packs ranges from the Movies Pack for all your
favourite award-winning films or the Sports Pack for all the best local and international sports
content to the Platinum Pack that offers you an all-inclusive entertainment experience with more
than 135 channels and up to seven complimentary streaming apps.
Subscribe to Astro Fibre today by visiting www.astro.com.my/fibre. To learn more about the Astro
Fibre app, please visit product.astro.com.my/astro-fibre/app.

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